Saturday, August 15, 2009

And the winner is... Rachel Yang from Joule

Had an absolute blast at the Ready, Set, Go... Cook competition at the U-District Farmers Market today, an annual event that's a fresh take on the Iron Chef. 

This year, there was a twist. In addition to shopping at this incredible market, chefs had access to some pantry items from the U-District Food Bank. Today's winner, Rachel Yang from Joule, took advantage of the eclectic selection and incorporated, among other things, some Spam. 

She made a lovely congee and folded in chopped zucchini vines, diced zucchini and finished the dish by sauteeing diced Spam, yellow squash, fried squash blossoms and, then, the brilliant finishing touch: an egg yolk "cured" in soy sauce. Wow. 

I was so impressed. She also made a pan-roasted veggie salad with Japanese eggplant, which she scored, so it cooked more quickly, and wedges of fennel. She finished that with some purslane, a green that looks like a weed, but has a nice citrus-y flavor. 

Really inspiring to see the way the pros use the incredible raw materials. Great job!!

And, by the way, Joule's Sunday series continues tomorrow with JFC: Joule Fried Chicken! Heck yeah, I'm going! You?

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