Sunday, January 24, 2010

My first-ever lemon meringue pie...

... was OK. Good, not great. If I were going to be my own toughest critic, I'd say the crust could have been flakier. There wasn't quite enough custard, though it was tang-a-lious.

I also used a couple more egg whites than the recipe called for and would have liked a little taller pie. But, like I said: It was my first try. So, I'll try, try again.

During this Sunday cook-a-thon, I also baked bread, made chicken tortilla soup and oysters Rockefeller, which were damn good. Used the Tom Fitzmorris recipe, which uses watercress, fennel, green onions, flat-leaf parsley. It also calls for green food coloring, but I skipped that. Did add a splash of Pernod. I could eat a dozen of those all by myself. But I shared!

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Julie Ganey said...

I noticed that recipe includes flour, not corn starch. Do yourself a huge favor and use only the recipe on the side of the Argo Corn Starch box (or container). That has been my no-fail lemon meringue recipe for 20+ years!