Monday, February 1, 2010

Pea-con or Pea-kan?

Made my first-ever pecan pie this weekend and it was mighty tasty. Had a slice straight up, but thinking it could only be better with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Ever since taking a pie-making class, I've been sharpening my dough-making skills. I'm getting there. Even the "mistakes" still taste pretty darned good. Like the lemon meringue that was so close.

There's a recipe in my friend Martha Foose's "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea" book that's up next: Sweet Tea pie! Doesn't that sound like a slice of summer?

What's the most unusual pie to join your recipe rotation?


David Hinske said...

Been in a pie mood lately, hey? I made an squash squash pie a few weeks ago that definitely did not suck.

MitMoi said...

When I moved from the west coast I heard the "pea-can" pronunciation for the first time. My father (a left-coaster) said, "Pee-cans are things you keep under your cot in a tent. Pea-con that creates a smile when it's in your mouth."

I seriously have trouble sounding southern when I pronounce this pie's name.