Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Egg A Day Experiment, Part 49

Please fill in the blank:

Eggs and ... what?

Bacon? Sausage? Baked beans? Hash browns? Fried tomatoes? Spam?

What's the best accompaniment to a couple of eggs at breakfast? Something about the creamy neutral quality of the egg makes it cry out for something salty. I wonder who first came up with the now classic combo of bacon and eggs.

The other day, I met some friends for breakfast at Kona Kitchen and asked if I could swap out the burger patty on the loco moco for fried Spam instead. Yes, but it'll cost you, the server said.

It was pretty tasty, but I had an upset stomach after the meal. (I walked it off!) Probably should have gone with the straightforward bacon and eggs on my first visit to the place, to see how they handled the basics. The restaurant was packed and had a sweet family vibe, but I prefer Kauai Family Restaurant in Georgetown.

So, what's your favorite match for your morning scramble, fry or poach?


Jen said...

For me, it is eggs and toast (I've never been a bacon/sausage girl). When I was growing up, the Claire's Pantry near the Edmonds Ferry Dock had wonderful egg-bread toast with a locally-made strawberry jam that was just amazing, served with two eggs over-medium. Yum. Then Claire's Pantry came under new management, and that wonderful jam was replaced with little Smuckers jelly packets.

Neil said...

If you can get it try scrapple, a Pennsylvania Dutch version of souse. Bound with cornmeal it is fried and served at breakfast. Takes well to syrup, honey and even catsup.

Also another Easter staple is Taylor Pork Roll, which is available at Fresh Market, if you have them there.

David Hinske said...

Livermush. Hard to find in these parts, but I used to get it in a little family-owned breakfast joint a little north of Charlotte, NC. It's one of those things that you don't want to know what's in it. Maybe not too different from Neil's scrapple.

la takahashi said...

Just found your blog through Serious Eats. :O)

I eat a soft scrambled or fried egg several times a week and almost always on top of white rice. Sometimes basmati rice with curry leaves and spices but usually japanese. Some days, you know, I just eat it simply with butter & salt/pepper. Other times I add japanese pickles or homemade kimchi. :O)