Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bacon Maple Bar? Mmmmmm!

Had to see what all the fuss was about at VooDoo Donuts in Portland. Really lived up to the hype. The crunchy/salty bacon the perfect contrasting note to the sticky sweet maple frosting.

What really cracked me up about this funky spot was the "Cock and Balls" taking up some serious space in the whirling display case. The cream-filled donut is shaped like, you guessed it... just like the name says. And, they'll write anything you like on it. "We're not shy," the woman behind the counter said.

Come early, though, because: "Your best chance to find a cock is in the morning," she advised.

I just about spit out my coffee when she served up that line with a straight face.


David Hinske said...

Add a beer and that's a meal!

Marie said...

I actually rode Amtrak to Portland just to visit Powell's Books, eat lunch at Kenny and Zuke's deli and brought bags of Voodoo Doughnuts on the train back to Seattle.

If you're ever in the northend, stop by Frost Doughnuts in Mill Creek (www.frostology.com). Despite the proximity to Top Pot Doughnuts inside University Book Store, there was quite the line at Frost.

Just returned from a first time visit with half a dozen, including their version of bacon maple bar...love it, just like portable pancakes and bacon! The doughnut actually reminded me of the former Sophie's doughnuts on Eastlake.

Worth the drive off the Bothell-Everett highway! A lot shorter than an Amtrak ride too.

Fred Deaton said...

Remember that candy/confectioner's store in Memphis that made artfully designed candy?

Who buys this stuff?