Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tums, Rolaids, Maalox: What works best?

I like to think I've got an iron gut. I can eat just about anything and it doesn't upset my stomach. But occasionally, I feel the burn. Heartburn.

Yesterday, took a long walk and had to make a detour in search of some relief. Stopped at the IGA Kress downtown. First time I've been in the only supermarket in downtown Seattle. Impressive.

Yet, I couldn't find a small roll of antacids. Only big bottles. I bought some water and asked the clerk if I had overlooked them. No, they don't stock them. But, you know what? He offered me one for the road from his bottle of Tums. How sweet! Even in this day of germ phobia, I accepted. 

And the rest of the walk was a pleasure. I'm deeply grateful. And Tums is my favorite brand, though, recently I've had good luck with Rolaids. Any preference?


Jan said...

If you feel such a tiny level of discomfort that it is soothed by a single Tums, you should consider yourself blessed.

Zantac, Costco-sized bottle, is my answer. A few Tums tablets might tide me over until I get home, but they are not the cure.

Michael Natkin said...

I've been through a whole bout of reflux with tests and everything, and I've managed to mainly control it through watching how much I eat at one sitting. But if I suspect I'm going to overindulge, I take a max strength Zantac before the meal and it really helps.