Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

Did everybody have a wonderful Turkey Day?

At our home, it was a Northwest feast: miso salmon wearing purple potato scales, oyster dressing, sauteed kale, curried delicata squash soup, salad dressed in a pear and cranberry chutney vinaigrette. Apple pie for dessert. We were all mighty thankful for the 1999 Cabernet from Woodward Canyon.

Select leftovers were folded into pasta last night, as we sat around the table one last time with friends and family from out of town. They buttered me up with compliments. There were no dramas, just lots of laughs and sillyness.

We went to movies, skipping the Black Friday sales, and did a quick visit to the Seattle Art Museum and hung out at the UW Bookstore. Packed in a whole lot this weekend. I'm not the kind of person who thinks company is like fish. Starting to stink after three days.

I'm happy to see them come and sad to watch them leave. And hope they come back again soon.

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David Hinske said...

Carolyn did her world-famous turkey reubens from a turkey I brined and roasted the day before, plus homemade rye bread and homemade 1K island dressing. It was pretty spectacular. Wish you could have been here. Some good wines, great conversation with a bunch of friends. One of which brought expresso chocolate no-flour cake. Niiiiiiice.

I have to disagree regarding the three day rule. Well, maybe just in regards to certain guests (family).