Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Egg A Day Experiment, Part 35

Curried eggs!

Never would have dreamed of trying this knock-out recipe from the absolutely awesome 660 Curries unless I was embroiled in this egg exploration. Mighty glad I stretched my wings on this one, though. It was so delicious. The chalkiness of the cooked yolks turned velvety when simmered in the intense curry sauce.

The finished eggs were nested in brown rice, alongside stir-fried pea vines and red cabbage, onions and shallots I finished in a shower of balsamic vinegar in the wok. Kind of turned out like a warm slaw. Darned tasty, fairly healthy dinner, which was what I was craving after a weekend of really rich food in Portland. (See below.)

This success has inspired me to go on the hunt for more world-food egg recipes. Can you help?

Read how this experiment was hatched in Part 1.


Jessamyn said...

My goodness, a recipe from 660 Curries we haven't tried yet! I love eggs in everything, so must try this. My "curried egg" recipe is a doozy from the Vegetarian Epicure, we make it every year for Easter.

kate said...

i've always wanted to try to make oeufs plats like le pichet's at home. it seems like a simple dish, but to keep the yolks perfectly runny like they do can't be easy!

Marisa Baggett said...

How about a little East meets South? Wasabi deviled eggs sprinkled with furikake...Yum.

And I've always thought that sabayon dessert sauces need to make a serious comeback. Seriously, lavender or rosemary infused....mmmm.