Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mmmmm.... bacon!

I've got my buddy Di trained up real good. She sees bacon, she thinks of me.

She recently bought me some bacon flavored mints. Mmmm. Bacon. And she urged me to try that bacon-garnished Manhattan at Moxie. This morning, she forwarded a link a company making bacon salt:

Man, if there's anything I like as much as bacon, it's got to be salt. I've got salt from Italy, France, Hawaii, but my favorite, the one that sits in a well by my stovetop is a blend of kosher salt and cracked black pepper invented by Mr. Nick Vergos of the World Famous Rendezvous Ribs in Memphis, Tenn. I keep nagged Nick to market this stuff, he would make a bundle.

Around our table, the fam calls this magical mixture "salt-pep", or it's more lyrical full name, Nick's super fantastic seasoning extraordinare.

I still cannot get over how so many restaurants refuse to give diners the salt/peppering option by keeping shakers/grinder off the table. And I'm not talking about shaking it before you taste the food! What about you? Pro salt or anti?


FSMOooers said...

Heeey, I've seen a company putting out "spepper" and McDonalds uses a premixed salt/pepper to season all the quarter-pounder meat burgers. Do salts from other countries taste different? I've got some chili-lime fruit seasoning... I put it on other foods too! But now with Baconsalt, there is no need for any other seasoning!

Kristie said...

I'm most definitely pro-salt.

My current favorite is a rosemary salt that I pick up from the SF Ferry Building Marketplace. It's made up of sel gris and rosemary, and it's incredible on meat. I also like to roast some potatoes with garlic and olive oil, and toss in a little of the rosemary salt.

The company is Eatwell Farm. They offer rosemary salt and lavender salt (soooo good on chicken). You can order directly from them, and I do recommend you try the stuff.

Fred Deaton said...

Hey Leslie,

Speaking of salt, I went to Bryant's in Memphis TN for breakfast last Saturday, and I had the Country Ham Biscuit.

The place was packed (as it is every morning). You are totally right, they have the best biscuits anywhere.

The only problem with Bryants is that it is too crowded.