Thursday, November 1, 2007


Having the best time on Maui, visiting my bro, eating great fish like this seared ahi bruschetta at Mala on the water in Laihaina. Feasted on ono and oysters from Hood Canal, too.

But today was the best ever. Started with a nice breaky made by lovely Lala, then brother and I and Charli the dog headed out for some big time adventuring, circum-navigating the isle, up north to the insanely beautiful Olivine Pools, ran into brother's bud G at the Honolua General Store picking up some grinds.

Hit the now world famous banana bread stand at what looks like the end of the road and pressed on, passing flower stands where you leave money in a jar, stopped at galleries and snacked on coconut candy, mac nuts, then rolled into another old-time general store in lower Wailuku town and bought poke and a couple of local steaks.

While we were touring a gorgeous Japanese garden on the way up the Iao Valley, some tourists handed us a hug bottle of Hana Bay rum, so we got some guava nectar and made cocktails as the sun was setting.

And this great day isn't over yet. We're heading out to pick up our sister Laurel who decided this morning she didn't want to miss out on the fun and got herself on the plane from LA.


Fred Deaton said...

Gee, it sure looks nice and warm there! Way over here in Tennessee land we are having our first bite of winter like cold. After a long and very hot dry summer, it is feeling really cold here.

I might go to Backyard BBQ in Jackson TN and get some of their great stew today. It is very unlike me to skip a BBQ sandwich, but cold ix cold. anyway we start the 4-5 day climb up to the 70 degrees and end up with a thundershower and a drop again.

There is an old saying, stick around here in the good ole south and you will find some sort of weather you like, because we have it all.

Food thoughts:
I'm going to send some friends in Indiana a Coletta's BBQ pizza this week, you remember that from your Memphis days..... I'm thinking of ordering a St Louis Pizza from Imo's pizza for thanksgiving escape from Turkey.

I did the Lou Malnati's Chicago shipped pizza for my wife's birthday. She loved it! Every year I get something different on her birthday. last year is was real buffalo wings from Anchor Bar. Another year it was Sticky Fingers Ribs, and yet another year it was Crab cakes from Baltimore.

Do you do any ordering food shipped?

Whining and Dining said...

I love the Carnegie Deli's cheesecake and live lobsters from Maine. You should order some dungeness crab from Seattle once the season hits...
I cannot imagine how that bbq pizza would travel. I had it at Coletta's once and that was enough. I'd rather send the meat and make my own.