Sunday, November 18, 2007

My pie!

This is the first pie I've ever made. I'm a recovering flour-phobe, freaked by the idea of baking. But a hands-on tutorial by Kate Rowley has me inspired. Kate's married to seafood guru Jon, the all-time apple forager. They've got more than 20 heirloom varieties, we used 18 different apples in this pie, most of the names I'd never heard of. (I'll get the list.)

There's about 10 cups of apples in this pie, which turned out pretty well. Not as good as Kate's, but I can aspire. One of her secret weapons? A Veg-O-Matic! Seriously! She found it at a yard sale and snapped it up for $2. IT SLICES, IT DICES! It's incredible. Of course, they don't make them like that anymore, but you can find them on E-bay.

Kate's pie crust is bound for the glossy pages of Saveur, the test kitchen editor wrote her such a nice note. In the meantime, anybody who wants to give it a try, drop me a line:

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