Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grinding, Island-style

Back on da mainland, but still dreaming about some of the amazing meals I had during my week on Maui. 

That pic on top was snapped in the Haleakala National Park, at a cabin where we camped Sunday night. A surreal experience for sure. That antipasti plate included a selection of Salumi Salami -- mmmmm! -- and while we were snackin on it a couple of kids from Seattle walked by. What are the odds? Of course, we shared! 

For that epic meal, I cooked seared ahi, stir-fried veggies over soba noodles with black bean sauce and maipo tofu. Crazy good!

The shot in the middle was the post-hike meal at Da Kitchen, the biggest plate of katsu chicken I've ever seen. Great mac salad, too.

Finally, there's the Kona-coffee-crusted lamb chops I had for my b-day dinner at Lahaina Grill. Maybe, probably, no, almost certainly the best lamb ever, soooo tender and flavorful. Trimmed up perfectly, so no bitefuls of fat. 

There were more highlights: watching my nephew Brandon try ahi poke for the first time, getting totally pampered at Spago -- where my niece Nicha's hubby Sean is a chef -- and kickin' it at my brother's place, grilling steak and watching the sun sink over Lanai. A very fun/filling trip! 

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