Friday, September 26, 2008

Wish I was in Oxford...

Tonight's presidential debate has stirred some yearning for the wonderful college town, Oxford, Miss., the home of University of Mississippi. (And the Southern Foodways Alliance.)

While living in Memphis, I often drove 90 minutes down south just to eat dinner and wander the square, the movie-set-like setting where William Faulkner used to hang out. One of my favorite places to visit was Taylor Grocery, a legendary catfish palace just outside town. 

Man, I've had some great fish there, some incredible hush puppies, snuck in my cocktails in a "go" cup, as is the custom. 

So, I went and got some catfish tonight, to fry up while I watched the debate. It turned out pretty good, thanks to the Zatairans fish fry mix. Love that stuff!

If I wasn't at home watching this with my kid, I might have headed over to Neumo's, where they were watching the candidates clash. Then, I would definitely try some Pike Street Fish Fry.

Did you watch? Did it give you heartburn?

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Kristie L. said...

The sheer amount of anger and vitriol I felt coming off McCain made me sad. Obama tried as best he could to keep his composure, but it was clear that sometimes his opponent almost got the better of him.

It wasn't pretty to watch, and the only way I made it through was to snark.