Saturday, April 25, 2009

BBQ Baron in Shoreline

Paul Kirk, the Kansas City BBQ Baron, was in Shoreline today teaching a class in competition cooking. I volunteered to be a judge and was asked by a fellow judge if I wanted to excuse myself after I called into question one of the contestants licking his fingers then going back to cutting his meat. Oh, and there was a guy who had been petting his dog then cutting up his pork entry. 

Can I get an EWWWW?

I am not a germphobe, not by a long stretch, but I think food safety should be covered in any cooking class. Don't you?

Anyhoo, Paul Kirk's new book on the country's best barbecue is out soon, but it has already stirred up controversy for who's in and who's out. I cannot agree with including Leonard's in Memphis, but not Payne's or Cozy Corner or Central or Germantown Commissary. But it's Kirk's book and here's a short video of him talking about it.


Randal Cooper said...

Dunno, from the picture, Kirk appears to be a glutton, and Leonard's caters directly to a glutton's sweet spot, with all-you-can-eat lemon icebox pie.

Julie Reinhardt said...

Great to be a fellow judge with you, Leslie, (dog hair and "finger lickin'" 'cue aside) :).