Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tune in for Seattle Mariners pre-game show...

... at 10:45 this morning on 710 KIRO-AM to hear producer/engineer/baseball factoid genius (and my Facebook friend) Kevin Cremin dish about some of favorite places to eat in So Cal. 

Whenever the M's are on the road on a Sunday, Kevin does a mouthwatering restaurant show before the game. It's good vicarious fun for the armchair traveler.

Looking forward to hearing his report today on a fancy pants place in Costa Mesa called Mastro's and hearing the rundown on the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach.

We've got a running debate about which city is the center of the BBQ universe. I think y'all probably know where I stand on this issue (in Memphis), but Kevin contends it's Kansas City. I'd bet my husband's autographed George Brett baseball we could settle this if he invited me on his show. Unfortunately, the M's don't play KC on a Sunday this season. But, as they say in sports, there's always next year.

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Freakazoid Freddy said...

Memphis is far better BBQ than Kansas City. But some underrated BBQ cities include Little Rock, which is, because of it's location, the best of all worlds, not all that far from Memphis and Texas and Kansas City, surrounded by good BBQ states, including Mississippi, home to the best BBQ joint I've ever eaten at. Leatha's in Hattiesburg
Mmmm, barbecue!