Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of this world oysters!

There's a new oyster grower on Orcas Island that I'm predicting is going to blow up big. Buck Bay Shellfish, down the road from Olga, has only been around for about a year, but man, they've got some great product.

I loved that you get to pick your own from crates sitting in water out of the postcard-pretty Buck Bay. Owner Toni invites customers to use the oyster knives just outside the shed to pry open the succulent bivalves, which were perfectly bite-size, salty and a kiss of sweet. 

They buy the seed from Taylor Shellfish -- they grow native Pacifics and sell several sizes, including monsters that look a lot like Gulf oysters -- and talk about the advantages of being in a bay that has a lot of tidal action. So far, no restaurants in Seattle have come calling, but this gem won't be a secret for long.

I know there's no "R" in June or July, but there are still heaps of oysters to eat. What's your favorite? 

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