Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little slice of heaven

Was supposed to meet up with a friend at Suncadia last weekend, but I messed up the dates. So, had a little dose of alone time, and truly relished the peace and quiet at this planned community resort 80 miles east of Seattle.
The best part was getting in on the opening of the new luxe spa, including a "vinotherapy" massage (chardonnay-scented oil applied by Jess, a true healer!) and a Caviar, Champagne and Truffles facial. Yum. After, they bring you a glass of stellar Chinook chard and some bon bons. Ain't life sweet?
I was impressed by the meal I had at the new Portals restaurant, especially the lemon ricotta ravioli. The whole place pays tribute to its mining past, which I thought was very cool.
Anybody been lately? This summer, the chef is doing demos featuring local farmers on Saturdays. Might be worth a road trip.

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Frantic Foodie said...

What a getaway! Sounds so relaxing