Thursday, July 31, 2008

The best burger in Seattle? Heck yeah!

If there's a better $17 burger in Seattle, I want to taste it!

This jaw-testing beauty is one of the dishes I liked a whole lot at Spring Hill, the West Seattle venue I'm reviewing this week in the Seattle P-I

The fries really blew me away. First, I'm a huge fan of the crinkle cut. I think the ridges make for a crispier fried tater. Spring Hill makes its own ketchup, too.

Let's take a vote: Shoestrings? Crinkle cuts? Steak fries? What's your fave?


Kristie said...

I'm a steak fry kind of girl - nice and soft inside. My husband, however, is a die hard tater tot fan. Since I love potatoes in all forms, I usually relent and let him have his precious tots.

Frantic Foodie said...


UrbanaTips said...

crinkle or steak if they are crunchy on the outside. Mushy fries are always a bad thing.