Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cooking lessons: Thai chef in my kitchen

My sister-in-law Ubon is a fantastic cook. Though she grew up in Thailand, she is a globally inspired culinary artist. Still, I'm forever asking her to teach me her secrets from her homeland.

I long to master complex curries and satisfying noodle dishes. But for those dishes, she works quickly and uses sense memory, not recipes. 

Today, she's coming over for a visit and I'm determined to shadow her until I can soak up some knowledge. Will update this entry with photos and recipes. Any special requests?


Kristie said...

Pumpkin curry, green mango salad, and tom kha gai :)

Ken said...

Massaman curry.

Bruce said...

Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles).

I'd also like to know when she's making noodle dishes from dried noodles how long she soaks the noodles and at what temperature (I'm still not satisfied with my current method).

shirewoman2 said...

I've read a bunch of recipes for phad thai noodles and none of them seem to turn out like the restaurant versions I've had and liked.