Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spreading myself too thin?

Hey guys and gals.... 
I wanna apologize for neglecting this space. I've been playing the field. Writing for other sites that actually -- gasp! -- pay me good money. (Thank you so very much and AlDenteBlog!)

While I feel a bit like I've been cheating, I also think there's enough food to go around. Three meals a day and snacks and reading and viewing while chewing make for endless options to chat about what's on everybody's plate, right? What I've always loved about blogs is the conversation, so I'm wide open to suggestions about what we should talk about. Recipes? Restaurant trends? Bizarre stories about service snafus. (Just got an earful from a friend who was so turned off by the behavior of a server, she left in the middle of the meal. She paid for the first course, but was too uncomfortable to stay. And, then, the owner chased her down on the sidewalk to ask why she was leaving. Well, I hope you come back someday, she said. Not bloody likely.)

Rants and raves aside, I wanted to share a couple pieces I wrote this week about my recent trip to New Orleans. I'm particularly psyched about the little film I made while touring Hubig's Pies. Click here for the link. 

Also warmed by the memories of Cajun country and the hunt for the best boudin, which I wrote about for Serious Eats. Thanks for checking it out by clicking here.

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