Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just wondering...

.... what has happened to pasta genius Justin Neidermeyer from Spinasse? Keep hearing gossipy dish that he was fired from the restaurant he launched because he wasn't showing up for work.

.... does anybody else notice a striking similarity between the menu at the new Bastille and Le Pichet/Cafe Presse

.... even after glowing reviews Tillikum Park Cafe is often empty? Get in there and support this place!

.... how some lousy restaurants manage to stay open in this down economy when good ones go under? 

.... when diners will finally get over this obsession with upscale mac-and-cheese? Yes, everybody's favorite comfort food tastes damn good, but it's a sign of a lazy, unimaginative kitchen. Let's move on.

.... why Tom Douglas isn't as famous as Mario Batali?

.... when there's going to be a backlash over review sites like Oh, wait, that's already happened.

.... why more chocolate lovers haven't made the pilgrimage to Claudio Corallo in Ballard?

.... where can I find authentic Cajun-style boudin in the Northwest? (There is a boudin blanc on the menu at Le Pichet I wanna try.)

The first person who answers all these questions gets a picnic lunch at the Seattle Art Museum's Sculpture Park catered by me, Critic-Turned-Cook. Ready, go!


P said...

Well, for one thing, the Tillicum Park Cafe's web site is broken and shows no information, which might lead one to believe that they are closed.

armani said...

- Jason was underappreciated and folks blamed him for the restaurant not being more widely acclaimed and financially successful
- why mess with the success of Pastis and Balthazar? Follow the recipe!
- Tillikum located in the Bermuda Triangle for fine dining restaurants
- Seattleites like to go to places that emphasize quantity over quality
- Safe bet to choose on the menu. Most of us are too lazy and impatient to make it ourselves.
- Tom is the thinking man's Mario Batali. More thoughtful, less self-promotional and boisterous.
- Yelp will have to allow restaurant owners to respond to allegations from aggrieved diners.
- Claudio makes some of the best chocolate locally. Theo's, while great too, has better marketing!
- Uli's in Pike Place Market?

hazeleyes said...

Just a few comments in response to armani....

- I'm not sure that it was that Jason was under apperciated; I was thinking in a different direction, although living with someone that works in a kitchen for a living definitely gives me a different outlook on things

- I agree with you that Tom is the thinking man's Mario; plus he is a lot sexier!

leslie.dines at; 901-289-4020 said...

Armani... I like your style!
Lemme know when you want your picnic.

armani said...

Yay! I usually never win contests. I'll be in touch with you for the picnic prize. My friends and I will love it, I'm sure. Many thanks!