Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Orleans report: Part 5, The Aftermath

I sure hated to leave, so brought a little bit of New Orleans and beyond to my home sweet home. Here's what was in my very heavy luggage:

Swamp Dust
Hubig's Pies
A whole muffaletta from Central Grocery
Cajun seasoning from T-Coon's
Community Coffee
Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix 
A crawfish paddle (picture a small oar)
Uncle Bud's Deep-Fried Cajun peanuts
A spray bottle of Cajun Grilling Spice, looks like Windex on fire
Two Cajun cookbooks
A Hubig's Pie apron
A crawfish magnet for my fridge
Roux mix

Wish I had room for a whole lot more. What's the wackiest food souvenir you've carted home after a memorable trip?


Neil said...

A bottle of Chimay Ale that I talked a bartender at Cooter Brown's in NO into selling me to take off premise. No crime here?

paul said...

next time consider a bottle or two of creole mustard, like zatarains, it's really good and unlike any other mustard

Randal Cooper said...

I brought back a bottle of Becherovka from Prague...

Also, ROUX MIX? I guess offering to tell you where you got your shoes isn't as profitable as it once was.