Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally! Sushi my kid'll eat...

My darling daughter isn't as picky as she used to be -- when all she would eat was pasta with olive oil and pizza. I once tried to bribe her to try sushi, said I'd buy her anything she wanted at FAO Schwarz. Bad Mommy! Well, she'll always have that to hold over my head.
But she's just crazy about the sushi pictured above. Which is actually chocolate! A sweet idea from a California-based company called Koo-Ki Sushi. I had a dessert like this at Flying Fish last spring and loved it.
As far as the true blue raw fish dish goes, people are always asking where to find Seattle's best sushi and I've got to say: I'm still searching. Where can I get my hand roll on?

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Veronica said...

I like Chiso in Fremont the best, but I have only been to a handful of sushi places.