Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pigging out!

Served a double dose of pork for Sunday dinner, a Kurobota-style ham from Snake River Farms and a shoulder I slow roasted with minimal seasoning. Really impressed with the ham, striking that perfect harmony of salty and sweet, the meat was so tender. Mmmm.

Cooked them both in the same roasting pan and, man, did that make a killer gravy! Over Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Mercy!

Cousin Ali baked homemade Oreos for our little family potluck, treats so good the room got quiet while everyone focused on the flavors exploding in their mouths.

Who's doing a Christmas cookie exchange? Can I come? I miss my sweet-swapping gang, Miss Holly, MP and Sandra, who made date pinwheels that are impossible to resist.

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