Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here's what I've been eating lately...

OH my gawd! I feel like I'm wearing a sumo wrestling costume, but it's just that time of the year. Today, I had two lunches. Oh, no, I'm not crying. Just need to dust off my health club card and get back on that horse, and by horse I mean incredibly monotonous, borrrring stationery bike and --- YAWN --- stair climber. Yeah, right!

I've been on an incredible roll lately, though. I'm reviewing Quinn's in Friday's P-I and I loved it! Really enjoyed Trellis (fig and proscuitto starter pictured) and am finding lots to like about old-school Maximilien at the Market (seafood special with loads of chanterelles pictured).
Heading out to the brand new Txori in a bit for a bite. So pumped up about the new Joule in Wallingford... also had a great Thai meal in that neighborhood at May. Art of the Table's on my to-do list. Any other new venues on the horizon?

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