Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not an appetizing sight!

Holy grease trap Batman! What a nasty bit of business being flushed onto the streets of downtown Seattle this morning. After eating brunch, I stumbled onto a surreal scene. A grease trap being power-washed on a second story fire escape, the grimy water raining down into the alley, onto unsuspecting pedestrians.
This pan was laid out on Senaca, near Fifth Avenue. Not the kind of scene you'd expect to see in a city that prides itself on its PC earth-friendly ways. This was blatant pollution. Or, am I hopelessly naiive?
It sure put me off every eating at that particular place, a deli in the garage across from the Fairmont Olympic. Do restaurants routinely flush their waste onto the street?

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Jamie R.S said...

You either have a really good camera phone or you do as I do: take my camera EVERYWHERE. kudos.