Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whole lot of coffee love

I was so moved by the warm tributes readers sent in about their favorite coffee places. There were poems and praise for baristas who warmed cups, doled out chocolate, gave up a kidney! That story was in The New York Times recently. I am dead serious.

There was loads of Starbucks bashing, but also heard from fans, who gave a big high-five to the coffee giant for its gracious customer service. (Are you listening sullen Tully's?)

Here's a lyrical salute to S'bucks, to a particular store in Hawaii, from Joann Severson:

A special an anniversary trip,
so many places we could see.
After many hours of deliberation
we decided to go to Kauai.

We cherished our time on the garden isle,
the sun, the sand, the shore,
My favorite memory of the entire trip?
Our daily visits to the Starbucks store!

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