Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Pot opens on top of Queen Anne Hill

Stopped in at the new Top Pot this morning, and it's still got that new car smell. Just opened last Friday. The staff was welcoming, the doughnuts dazzling. One varieties twirled on a spinning plate. Mmmmm, dizzy doughnuts.
I had a maple glazed cake because they were out of my fave, the old-fashioned chocolate. That's what I had yesterday morning at Starbucks. Was in the ubiquitous coffee titan checking out whether the retraining had magically transformed the chain. I can't lie, my drink was well made and the counter crew was so darned pleasant.

Much rather buy my $4 cuppa at an indie. Love the Caffe Vita in my new hood, and Vivace on Cap Hill, and on and on. We're so spoiled in Seattle when it comes to coffee, but just try finding a sweet tea. Ain't gonna happen!

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Jamie R.S said...

I love top pot. their donuts - a little "sugary" but their atmosphere / free wireless - bon appetit:)