Friday, June 27, 2008

First bite: Alcatraz

There's no escaping that this charming restaurant has gone with an unfortunate name long associated with that rock in San Francisco Bay.

But let's get beyond that because this is a place worth going, on the corner of Rainier Avenue South and Othello. (7300 Rainier Ave. S.; 206-760-1388 for take-out orders)

Tacos were taco truck-riffic: I especially liked the sauteed fish taco and the corn tortilla heaped with nopales, the tender cactus.

This place serves goat, too. Not just on weekends like many Hispanic spots in Seattle, but daily. I'm looking forward to returning to try the tortas and an intriguing dessert: corn on the cob with mayo. 

Wish I had some pics to share of the lunch I ate there yesterday, but my kid's got my camera. In Germany (where she has discovered: "Hey, beer's cheaper than bottled water.")

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Frank!!! said...

Yeah, I hit this place up a couple of weeks ago with the same thoughts.

You have to highlight the handmade corn tortillas though. Awesome.

On a different note did you find it odd that there was no pork on the menu?