Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's talk pork

Ran into the man behind Wooly Pigs at West Seattle's Farmers Market on Sunday, and bought a $40 Berkshire shoulder. Sure do wish I had a pit to barbecue it on, but instead, I'll probably slow roast and finish it with tomatillos/jalapenos, salsa verde-style.

I truly believe these high-end hogs are the future of competition barbecue. For all the money spent on rigs and all the hours spent concocting sauce, the quality of the pig has been given little thought. The winner of this year's Memphis in May competition, however, did talk about working with a farmer to get the right kind of finish on the hog. So....

On a completely unrelated, yet still porky note, my pal (the original Big Eatin Buddy) Ken called from hiking to the high point of West Virginia (I think it's a mall... just kidding, Kenny!) to report that he had stumbled upon the pig palace of his dreams. Check out Fat Boys Pork Palace the next time you're in W. Virginny. 

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