Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A scoop?

In the dog-eat-dog world of Seattle food writing, it's bloody hard to be the first to break big food news! I thought I was the first to hear about Cafe Juanita's chef Holly Smith launching a gelato cart, but no sooner had she given me the scoop during an interview and then her PR firm issued a news release. 

Hats off to the bloggers, the scrappy food journos who are so plugged in and work the beat like a dozen egg whites in a copper bowl!

But I just heard a little something/something: Charles Walpole -- formerly at Mistral and then at Novelty Hill-Januck winery -- is now sous-chefing at How to Cook a Wolf, replacing Jason Stoneburner.

Not headline worthy, but a little bite, never the less. I haven't been back since reviewing, but recently heard some unsavory reports about Wolf. Let's just say the kitchen staff was doing a Gordon Ramsay imitation and the front of the house was less than gracious. Yes? No? Maybe?


David Hinske said...

It may not surprise you, Leslie, to know that Joseph Wrede's Main Street Bakery has closed and the building is for sale. He is the owner/chef of Joseph's Table here in Taos where you were not thrilled and I was not happy with his response to me about your meal. He is also co-owner of two Blinking Light restaurants, one here and one in Denver. Maybe he got over extended. The NYT thinks he hung the ham - I've had some GREAT meals at Joseph's Table and one that was inedible (expresso scallops). Anyway, that's a scoop for you since Main Street Bakery is three doors down from my gallery and now you know the rest of the story.

Whining and Dining said...

Thanks for the tasty report No Sluggo!

You get a gold star for "he hung the ham"... maybe you should take up food writing???