Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Market report

I'm trying to hit all the neighborhood Farmers Market as the season heats up. (If you can call 60-degree temps heating fricking up!!) 

The Phinney Ridge market is fairly new, but already mighty impressive. I bought the most incredible strawberries there last week. Why oh why have we been brainwashed into thinking the red-on-the-outside-white-on-the-inside berries are worth spending one red cent on??? Taste a summer sweet strawberry and it's hard to go back!

At the West Seattle market on Sunday, I picked up some fiddlehead ferns, which are some of the funniest looking things I've ever put in my mouth, but super yummy!! From Seattle's premier forager, Jeremy Faber. I sauteed them with tuna and capers and tossed with pasta, served with a salad of the most tender lettuce. Another market score.

What's your favorite farmer's market? Doesn't have to be in Seattle. For instance, it's tough to beat the scene on Saturday at the Ferry Terminal on San Francisco, right? FWIW, I've become a little jaded about Pike Place Market, which only has true farmers representin' a few days a week, and only during the summer. Otherwise, it's the same stuff you can buy at the supermarket. 

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