Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love those holiday traditions!

Got together with Bridget for our almost annual cookie baking marathon. This time, we did Martha Stewart's gingerbread and Aunt Minnie's sugar cookies. I have no idea who Aunt Minnie is, grabbed it from 

Decorating those sweet things is tons of fun, though I feel humbled in the company of Ms. B and Claire, who give snowmen scaves and packages fluttering ribbons. Gorg! My strategy is to put as many sprinkles on as possible.

Do you have Christmas cookie traditions? I sorely miss swapping cookies in Spokane with MP, Holly and Sandra. Nobody makes date pinwheels like SBB! And Holly is a true cookie artist. I also feel deeply nostalgic thinking back on the many years I went to holiday Mom/Daughter tea parties at Kate's house. That's the trouble with traditions. They leave a big hole when they go away.

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