Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Second Avenue survey

Just walked back to QA from downtown -- in a miserable drizzle -- and couldn't help notice a whole lotta empty seats in some restaurants: Wann, Noodle Ranch, Mamma's, Kushibar were pretty quiet.

It is Tuesday, but still...

Yet, Zoe was hoppin', as was Shiro's, Branzino, Wasabi Bistro, Txori. 

In this miserable economy, is it a matter of survival of the fittest? Everybody should be bringing that A game, and knocking down some prices.

I had a very good meal at Dahlia Lounge: pan-fried trout, five-spice duck, shared a dessert. Two entrees, two glasses of wine, one dessert, couple cups of coffee. Not living it up, but it was still $100.

Where's the best upscale dining value in Seattle these days?

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