Friday, November 28, 2008

Deep-fried turkey: The Verdict

We did not burn down the house. The deep-fried turkey was a (modest) success, especially in comparison with bird No. 2, slow-roasted in a Weber. Such great flavor. Huge high fives to Adam and Laura for being adventureous cooks!

How was your Turkey Day?

Now, after a quick Black Friday shopping trip -- doing my patriotic duty to pump up the economy -- I'm home sipping eggnog and putting up decorations with Baby Girl. 


Curt said...

My brother (the turkey chef in our family) has brined the turkey for the last three Thanksgivings. Delicious! Moist and tasty.

I've had deep-fried turkey and it is wonderful, too. One pre-holiday event I went to a few years ago (where a Seattle firefighter kept guard on the deep-frying rig) used the deep-fried turkey as the appetizer. People were encouraged to pick at that turkey and have the traditionally roasted turkey as dinner. Yum!

David Hinske said...

I can't remember why, but Thanksgiving means turning the kitchen over to my lovely and talented bride, who usually turns out some pretty fabulous turkey reubens. This year, for a couple reasons, she went bird and roasted a beauty. Here's her secret to not feeling like you've over-eaten: no potatoes! She roasted an acorn squash and that was a fine substitue.

Any good use for the leftover oil when you fry a turkey? Can those cars that run on grease burn that?

Fred Deaton said...

Sorry for the belated post. We went out to a local eatery, the Cajun Cookers. They have a buffet of some of the best of the best! I love their Cajun smoked turkey. Their corn souffle, dressing and gravy, smoked ham and roast beef were also top notch. Topped it off with their decadent Chocolate Ding Dong Cake.

The food was so good, I ordered the turkey, dressing (enough to feed a small army), and gravy for Christmas (50.00). I usually buy the turkey or ham, prepare it, and pay a local restaurant @10.00 to smoke it for me, so that shows you how impressed I was with the turkey.

I have a Jiffy Cornmeal mix recipe for corn casserole, but there is a run on the Jiffy for dressing makings at the local Wal-mart, so I have to scrounge for the 50 cent boxes. The recipe is simple and uses both cream and whole kernel sweet corn. Wish me luck finding the corn meal!

A local restaurant in Jackson TN (Reggi's Hot Wings and BBQ) deep fries and I had one of his deep fried cajun turkey sandwiches for lunch while Christmas shopping. It was GREAT. He has a tent out front and works day and night deep frying turkeys.

I will make a chess pie that uses cheese in the recipe. It is a simple recipe that mixes yolks and cheese and cream from a long gone cafeteria out of Memphis recipe.

The neighbors didn't cook their traditional smoked sausage on their smoker this year. I just love the smell on thanksgiving or christmas of cooking sausages.

We will go to the children's mass on Christmas eve at 5:30 and then look for an open restaurant to eat (Usually Logan's roadhouse).

Merry Christmas. We already had weather advisories for Ice in the area on there different fronts. One as recently as Dec 23rd. the low at the home thermometer on the 22nd was 7 degrees! You remember Memphis, driving and Ice...a bad mix!!!!!! Hope the weather with the snow gets better there.

I'm off until January 12th. I am going to try Mayfield KY and Paducah KY BBQ while I am off. I might even go to Cape Girardeau MO and have my annual St Louis Style Pizza fix. All of these places are 100 to 130 miles from my house.

Got any holiday food jorneys?