Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deep-fried turkey, part II: Taj Mahal edition

Just got home from an amazing show at Jazz Alley... Taj Mahal. What a great performer! 

And, hey, I got to shake his sweaty hand after the show!! Lucky me.

In between songs, he talked turkey, Thanksgiving style. Got the chef at Jazz Alley to order up a couple of organic birds he's planning on deep-frying. Johnny looked and me and we fist bumped! We deep-frying it up too Taj!

Go see his show at JA, he's playing there through Sunday. Just do not eat there! It's some of the worst food I've had in Seattle. Dessert was OK, but the entrees were a bomb....

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Fred Deaton said...

We had a cajun deep fried turkey last year at christmas! It was good! The guy who made it has a tent outside his BBQ restaurant and deep fries them one after another non stop for three days and sells them.

Another BBQ restaurant told me that for 10.00 he would put any turkey or ham I brought to him on his restaurant's smoker and smoke it for me. With Turkeys at 35 cents a pound at Kroger, that 5.00 turkey smoked for 10.00 looks like a bargan.

I am trying to find someone who has bought the 38 hour turkey from Germantown Commissary (marinate it for 12 hours, cook it 12 hours, and smoke it 12 hours) It sounds good enough to try.

This year we are going to a local jackson, TN restaurant: The Cajun Cookers. They have the best corn souffle and their smoked ham is worth the trip!

btw, I stopped at Folks Folly yesterday. Ah, getting homesick for your Memphis home..... Anyway, they sell their left over trimmings from their steaks as ground up meat in 1 pound sealed bags. We made hamburgers on the grill with the meat. I "on purpose" added no seasoning to test the meat taste. The hamburgers were excellent! Of course, the added slice of red onion, asparagous sprouts, lettuce, and tomato enhanced the burger.