Monday, November 17, 2008

Tribute to Dorothy

It was my late mother-in-law's birthday yesterday and I made a dinner in her honor: meatballs in marinara and a chocolate pie, which I nearly ruined, adding cold egg yolks to hot chocolate without first tempering it. 

Really pretty funny that Dorothy's recipe file was stuffed with globally accented dishes, including a chili relleno casserole that's got to have about a million calories a serving. The only sign of her Icelandic roots is a recipe for the beloved Vinetarta, a date cookie that typically made an appearance around Christmas. 

During dinner, we took turns telling stories about Mom, Grandma, Mom-in-law. A tasty tradition, don't you think? The foods I'd like served at my memorial din-din? It'd have to be a catered buffet: Fery's chicken curry, Lindaman's chicken pot pie, the ravioli from Spinasse, wines from Seven Hills, Arbor Crest and Veuve Cliqucout. That's just the first course. I'll have to give it some more thought.   

UPDATE: Got a gentle nudge from a Memphis bud, here's another helping of requests for my tribute meal. BBQ sandwich from Payne's, fried chicken from Alcenia's, lentils and spinach Little Tea Shop style, cornish hens from Cozy Corner, Taylor catfish, veggie plate from Soul Fish. Oh my.


Neil said...

Not to worry about me, Dave. Just curious is what the place is going to be all about, not necessarily the food. She is just a BIT over the top for me.

Are you exhibiting on the 28th?

Neil said...

Sorry about that folks. That post was from earlier.

As to "Tribute to Dorothy", Leslie have you forgotten your "Mid-south" period so soon. No barbecue, no catfish, no barbecue nachos, go "Gus's fried chicken", no shrimp and grits. Hopefully just oversights.

Hope all is well.

Whining and Dining said...

Neil.... good to hear from you!!

Of course, I was writing way too early, absolutely an oversight, which I'll rememdy right this minute!

Randy said...

Oh man, would love to have been there for the reminiscing. Could've added a wee bit. Happy belated Birthday mom. From her favorite "son" (and now Englishman), Randy

Fred Deaton said...

I found a great Shoo-Fly Pie recipe that allows a person to use Dark Karo Syrup instead of Molasses. The recipe also had a wet bottom and a dry variation of the pie.