Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does this look like a TV dinner?

Ah, nope. But that's how this dish is sold on the menu at the new Art restaurant at the Four Seasons. There's such a fine line between clever and pretentious, isn't there?

I don't want to pick nits, but I know TV dinners and ladies and gentlemen, this ain't no Swanson's Hungry Man. I grew up eating on those frozen meals, especially during summer visits to my mother's because she was too busy to cook. 

The main ingredient missing from this too-lovely-to-be-called-a-TV-dinner is, of course, a TV. The main thing to look at in this elegant dining room is the incredible view of Elliott Bay. The setting is quite a contrast to the former Four Seasons locale. Very old-school formal, the last dining room in Seattle to require a jacket. (That rule is long gone these days.)

Anybody else dabbled in Art yet? 

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