Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wal-Mart's not so bad?

I might have to re-think my longstanding boycott of Wal-Mart after reading an article in today's NYTimes that the giant is going to donate tons to a huge food bank organization.

I volunteer at the U-District Food Bank and heard some scary numbers at a meeting yesterday. During the month of October, the Food Bank served a record number of folks, more than 4,600. Much of the increase was due to hourly employees having their schedules cut. This is an organization that serves a whole lot of working poor and they do it in a very cool way, so the customers can shop in a set-up like a grocery store. 

What surprised me most after learning more about this food bank, which serves Northeast Seattle, is that cash donations are so helpful. A food drive is great, but $$$ lets the staff buy items at wholesale prices, stuff they really need. Even though my bank account is hardly beefy, I wrote a check for $100. Anybody care to meet or beat that? Big high fives to those who give in anyway they can, because the need has never been greater. You can give online:

I'm always inspired to try and be generous by the memory of my beloved grandparents, working class people who lived through the Depression. Times were often lean, but Nana and Papa always made room at their table for the various friends and relatives who were struggling financially. True role models.

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Curt said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to send them some money. Will jump on it.