Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chips ahoy!

Had lunch at the spiffy new Virginia Inn today and can't get over those homemade potato chips. They're just the right thickness, not flimsy, not too fat.

Sandwiches were pretty good, too. The cheeseburger tasted like steak. Really.

And, though the bread was all wrong on the muffaletta, a baguette instead of the soft round loaf that's stuffed and cut into wedges, the filling tasted right. The olive salad was good, the salami and mortadella present. It was served warm and the cheese melted, which was a variation of the traditional New Orleans-style sammie, but it was darned close.

As was the gumbo. Dark and spicy, filled with chicken and sausage. Would have loved a little more rice. But I am beastly picky when it comes to gumbo. Ya-Ya!

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