Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pastrami envy: Kenny and Zuke's in Portland

Just got back after a few days on the Planet O.... went to Portland for the Ghostland Observatory show and in a very short visit ended up eating twice at Kenny and Zuke's, the New York-style deli in the Ace Hotel. WHY DOESN'T SEATTLE HAVE A DELI AS ROCKIN' AS THIS PLACE??? REALLY!?
The pastrami was better than anything I've tasted in the famous places in Manhattan, brined five days, slow-smoked and steamed. It's sliced to order and reminded me a lot of BBQ, the effort that goes into turning a tough meat into a thing of beauty. I had a Reuben both visits and would recommend anyone who has been unhappy with the sad state of these sandwiches in Seattle to hot foot it to P'land, pronto!
Also loved the borscht, the chicken soup with matzoh balls, the potato salad and the knish. Unbelieveably, insanely good. Kenny and Zuke, why don't you kick the Cyclops out and open an outpost in Seattle? I'm beggin' ya!


Neil said...

Heck, why doesn't Memphis have one.

Caché said...

YES! I'm so glad you got to fit in 2 meals here. Sounds like you enjoyed your spread. Next time, try the duck fat fried chicken and the (house-cured) gravlax!

Their pastrami Reuben is the ONLY sandwich I wake up craving.

I would seriously consider taking the train to P-town, grabbing a sandwich, and taking the train back to Seattle.