Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some pics from Monday's M's game

I'm always amazed/amused at how many people go to the ballpark and pay no attention to the game.
I saw hundreds of "fans" huddled inside on the freakishly cold day, drinking beer, eating, chatting. Maybe looking up occasionally at the TV screen where there were guys dressed up in uniforms tossing a ball around.
The little kids are so into it, though. So darned cute in their teeny hats and being too shy to go up and give the Mariner Moose a high five.
You can read my report on some of the new fare in the Seattle P-I. The sliders up top and the fish and chips were from the Hit it Here Cafe. And let me know if/when you score anything worth trying at the ballpark this year.

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David Hinske said...

Oh yeah! I LOVE to watch them groom the field. Couldn't care less about the game, but it facinates me when they drag those wide brooms around the base paths. Everything looks so fresh and clean and just, just ready!