Sunday, April 6, 2008

Memphis vs. Kansas: No doubt, Memphis smokes the J-Hawks' state!

Apologies to Calvin Trillin, but I've got to say: There's no contest... Memphis has the best BBQ in the land.
Oh, you thought I was making a prediction about the outcome of Monday night's National Championship basketball game?? Nah. I'm rooting for the Tigers, of course.
And I love that this matchup pits two great BBQ cities against each other. I admit, I've only had Kansas City 'Q once. At Jack Stack's. And it was a big snore.
OK, actually, artist extraordinaire and true blue Jayhawk Andrew Saeger made some dang fine ribs at a backyard barbecue last summer. Still, I'm not convinced.
Memphis does amazing things with ribs, but it's the pulled, chopped and sliced pork shoulder that stands out, slow-cooked until the tough meat turns tender. There's just nothing like it.
Hey, did I mention I'm going to the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest next month? Can't wait. Planning on reporting on Seattle teams making the trip to this incredible "Super Bowl of Swine." See you there?
In the meantime: GO TIGERS!!!


David Hinske said...

There is a neighborhood meeting tonight here in Taos, but the Tigers play at the same time. Some suggested I tape it, but I don't have a video camera and don't know that my neighbors would be comfortable on camera anyway.

Are you driving back to Memphis? If so, hope you can stop here for a quick bite.

Neil said...

Nice touch, David. Glad to hear all is well in Taos. Go Tigers!

Kristie said...


Our beloved Tigers didn't quite manage to pull it off. I wish I could drown my sorrows in BBQ.

Caché said...

You are unbelievably lucky!