Friday, April 11, 2008

One door opens, another one closes

Just had lunch in Ballard at the month-old Monkey Bridge, a Vietnamese restaurant that has a charming little dining room. They were completely slammed today, servers and cooks running.

Yet, the food came out quickly and it was good. Not mind-blowing great, but good enough. It's on Market, near 17th.

Walking back to the car, I noticed a sign on Market Street Grill saying that Sunday, April 13, is the restauant's last day in business. I fear we're going to be seeing a lot more "closed" for good signs as the economic gloom settles in.

Or, maybe not. Maybe Seattle will dodge the bullet. Any notable closings in your part of the world? If you don't want to leave them in the comments, you can always drop me a line:

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