Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones!

Went to a Saturday morning showing of this blockbuster with my buddy Dan Webster, the movie critic for The Spokesman-Review. He was over for the Seattle International Film Fest, and I tagged along to a couple of those indy films, too. (Loved "Cafe de Los Maestros" and "Tropa de Elite", the latter a Brazilian movie that's a total thrill ride about drug dealers and corrupt cops.)

Indy was good fun, loaded with chases and special effects. My favorite part, though, was the credits. My sister, Laurel Kelly, worked on the movie. (She has been doing hair in Hollywood for more than 10 years.) Yay! Hooray! There was her name up on the big screen!

She spent five weeks on the Big Island last summer, working on the movie, sworn to secrecy. Nobody could even bring a cell phone on the set if it had a camera. Very hush/hush.

Here's her not-so-dirty inside dish: Harrison Ford was a gentleman and Shia LaBoeuf was a sweetie. 

Movie treat update: I was happy to see they actually pop popcorn on site at the spectacular Cinerama. But still bummed that the candy selection in Seattle is so boring. Where's the Theo's chocolates? Or Fran's? You hear me Paul Allen? Why not bring in some goodies worthy of the fine theater you saved from the wrecking ball?


Rondo Hatton said...

You forgot to mention the three times, by my count, that the sound cut out during the film – in the midst of some of the most intense action scenes, no less! Have to say that the experience left this longtime East-side moviegoer less than impressed with the “new” Cinerama.

I did like the company I saw the film with, though. Reminded me of seeing Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man” in Memphis a couple of years ago.

Curt said...

No sound problems when I was at the Cinerama for the 12:50 p.m. showing on Saturday. Sound problems can happen anywhere.

That's cool about your sister. And always good to know that the stars really are nice people.

David Hinske said...

They are filming the new Terminator movie on the Rio Grand Bridge here for the next couple of weeks - much to the consternation of people that need to cross the gorge and don't have many choices. Here's the really bad news: the rumor is that the Terminator is played by Stallone...Frank Stallone!

David Hinske said...

"It is set to star Christian Bale as John Connor and Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese. Other stars reportedly in the cast include Bryce Dallas Howard and Moon Bloodgood." Okay, okay, wrong info regarding Frank Stallone. Someone must have been yanking on my leg. Anyway, they are going to 'set' the bridge for two days with abandoned cars and vegetation supposedly post-nuke, film for one day and de-set for two days. People on the other side of the bridge are pretty pissed. On the other hand, there's the cash they are bringing to our poor town.