Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top Pot needs to stick to doughnuts

Went to the new Queen Anne Top Pot for lunch the other day after seeing on the sign "sandwiches". These were pathetic, pre-made "sandwiches" in name only. Chewy bread, meat, cheese -- not the pepperjack the menu described either -- no mayo, no seasoning of any sort.

It might not have been so insulting had the counter jockey been pleasant, but he was an absolute snot. Why do people like that work in the service industry? 

My buddy and I bailed after one hugely disappointing bite and went to lunch at Tup Tim Thai, which was jam-packed as usual, but still got our delicious lunches out in a jiff. 

I was so annoyed at the Top Pot fiasco, I thought about calling to register a complaint, but what good would it do? Would the snotty barista/cashier/busboy get it? Doubtful. Whenever I've been in there before, the service has been friendly and gracious. Hate, hate, hate to see a bad apple spoil the Top Pot.

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David Hinske said...

I guess it's up to me to say it: mmmmm, doughnuts.