Monday, May 5, 2008

Skiing in May

Went to Alpental yesterday, where they still have a ton of snow. Thought I might get in on a little Quartro de Mayo action in the mess hall, but I was deeply disappointed with the offerings. Just had to take one whiff of the nasty nachos to know it wasn't worth my time standing in a line nearly as long as the one at the lift.
So, No. 1 Ski Bum (my ball and chain) stopped at Triple XXX Root Beer in Issaquah. Cherry vintage cars in the parking lot, fun malt shop decor, good root beer (I ordered my without ice, 99 cents extra!), but the burger just did not get my motor running. The patties were thin and obviously not fresh off the grill. The sandwich was heaped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and "secret" sauce. The glue-ish processed cheese was what made me stop, though. Yuck.
When you're charging $9 for a burger, how's about a decent, hand-shaped patty and quality cheese? Not cheez. Please!
The topper? When the server came to collect the cash, she busted my chops for not eating my sandwich. "You didn't like it? It's supposed to be fabulous." She didn't ask: "Can I bring you anything else?" Or offer to take it off the bill. Don't give me attitude because I did not recognize the fabulous-ness of the burger.
What's your strategy for sending stuff back? Or do you just suck it up and then never come back?

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urbanaTips said...

I always say something positive before I tell them why their food didn't hit the mark. As a business owner I always want to know if my products and/or services weren't satisfactory to my clients and I assume other owners do too.