Monday, May 12, 2008

Is there enough butter in the world for this???

I'm going down South, going down South... (tribute my favorite nouveau bluesmen, the North Mississippi Allstars) for the Memphis in May World Championship Cooking Contest. Roughly two miles of competition Q on the banks of the mighty Mississip.

Yes, I plan to eat loads of smoky pork, fried chicken and drink gallons of sweet tea. 

I'm just going to miss one culinary milestone, though. The new Paula Deen buffet will launch later this month at a casino in Tunica. Can you say CALORIES?? Wow. I really can't help wonder what the butter bill is going to look like.

For my friends in Memphis, who keep up with me via this blog: Where y'all want to meet for cocktails? Wish you were going to be there No Sluggo!


Neil said...

Ok, so No Sluggo won't be here. We all miss him, but then we miss you too! Wife and I are going to be in Tunica the weekend that PD opens and will try to let you know what it's like. That is assuming we can stand the lines.

Cocktails? You name the place.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Randal Cooper said...

I'll be onstage in Germantown for the BBQ weekend, mostly, but I'd recommend The Cove for your other cocktail needs.

Bruce said...

I've moved from Memphis to Seattle, but was back in Memphis last weekend for BBQ at Germantown Commissary and an emergency fix of sweet tea.

Hopefully Memphis has run out of rain and stormy weather. Have fun at the BBQ Festival!

David Hinske said...

Have a great trip, Leslie! It'd been fun to do that event in your wake.

Oh, Neil! Say it ain't so! PD is perparatin' sum kynna me-uth on y'all. Sorry, she makes my skin crawl and not in a good way.

I'll be back in Memphis August 28th (trolley tour) for an exhibit at the Jay Etkin Gallery on South Main. Leslie? Up for another run?

Neil said...

Not to worry about me, Dave. Just curious is what the place is going to be all about, not necessarily the food. She is just a BIT over the top for me.

Are you exhibiting on the 28th?

Kristie said...

Aw, man. And I won't be home visiting when you're there!

Eat some Q for me, Leslie, because it'll be a while before I can get the good stuff.

David Hinske said...

Yeah, Neil - if I may so bold to hijack Leslie's blog for a minute. I think it may be a two-person show, depending on how Etkin wants to hang it. I'm painting for it now and am happy with the new work. Bad news about Rauschenberg today. He made the world a little brighter.

Whining and Dining said...

Good man Neil! E-mail me your cell at leslie dot dines at
On stage doing what RC?
Bruce, Let's do lunch in Seattle!
No Sluggo: You have my permission to hijack my blog any time!
Kristie: I will report back to you on my BBQ tastings!

Kristie said...

Please do! I must live vicariously through you.

With luck I can get back to Memphis some time this fall and partake of some pig myself.