Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curtain's coming down on Veil

Just got news that Veil is closing this week, coinciding with its third anniversary. 

I recently interviewed chef/owner Shannon Galusha and he was upbeat about the future, saying he had just hired a new GM. What a difference a couple of weeks make, huh?

Veil will also serve brunch Saturday and Sunday (that's the crab and goat cheese omelet pictured, which I thoroughly enjoyed last January), and have a closing bash from 7 p.m.-2 a.m. Nov. 1. 

Restaurants open and close constantly, but somehow this feels different. Like the right ingredients for success were there, so why did it go down? We'll probably never know why some places can't keep the doors open and restaurants that appear to have a whole lot less going for them remain open.

Any thoughts?


David Hinske said...

Here's one: The long decline of the American civilization. Since the advent of television we have placed decreasing importance on literacy, education, ethics, and the arts. We've become complacent, fearful sheep unwilling to step outside of our very limited comfort zones and distainful of anyone who does. Wake up, people. Vote right in November or be witnesses to the end.

David Hinske said...

Bad things:
Ashley Simpson
Wolf Kahn
John Carpenter
Kath & Kim

Good things:
apples and bees
The Simpsons

Cakespy said...

Bummer, I like that place! I wonder if the location was part of it, it was sort of an awkward spot I thought.