Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P.S./stuff that didn't make the review

I'm reviewing JUNO this week in the Seattle P-I, but couldn't find room to mention at least one thing that was super annoying:

On a slow evening, the dining room was obviously overstaffed, a couple servers and the "captain" paced back and forth in order to look busy. It was so distracting. 

It's got to stink to be in this position, just a few tables, bored, trying to keep up the appearance of working. But, maybe there's some napkins in the back that could be folded, or some glasses that could use a little polish. 

In the meantime, our server -- Gary -- was an absolute pro, who offered insider dish, good recommendations and took care of a problem with the wine exactly the way it should be handled. Well done. Maybe Gary's available to do some training of less seasoned members of the staff.

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